• Office Announcement
    22th Augest 2022 (New)

    We have weekly 3-hour class meetings. Please bring your own computer to attend classes.
    You are invited to complete a simple questionnaire on your readiness:

    15th Augest 2022 (New)

    Student Notebook Ownership Program 2022
    24-Hour Online Ordering is available from 15 Aug 2022.

    18th July 2022

    Office of the IT Foundation Course has been restructured as Office of Digital Literacy and Computational Thinking Education.
    You may contact us by email dlct@cuhk.edu.hk.
  • Please observe the following arrangements concerning University Core courses IT Foundation (ENGG1000) as well as Digital Literacy and Computational Thinking (ENGG1003/1004).

    For undergraduate students admitted in 2022-23 and thereafter, Registration and Examinations Section (RES) will centrally pre-assign ENGG1003 or ENGG1004 during course enrolment on CUSIS in specified term mandatorily according to your major programme/ faculty affiliation. Students in Faculty of Arts/ Business Administration/ Engineering will be pre-assigned the course in 1st Term while other students will be pre-assigned the course in 2nd Term.

    For undergraduate students admitted before 2022-23, who have NOT yet fulfilled the University IT Foundation Core Requirement, RES will pre-assign the 1-unit ENGG1000 in your course enrolment on CUSIS in August (for 1st Term course) or November 2022 (for 2nd Term course) mandatorily.

    For undergraduate students admitted before 2022-23, who would like to take one of the 3-unit Digital Literacy and Computational Thinking courses as an alternative or as an elective, please visit our office to submit course add/drop form during course add/drop period in either 1st or 2nd Term. Such applicants may be assigned to a section by the end of the add/drop period, provided that there are sufficient quotas and all course enrolment requirements are met.
  • Students of ENGG1003/1004 are kindly be reminded to bring your own device, such as a notebook computer (or at least a tablet with a physical keyboard,) during weekly classes. There will be hands-on learning activities and lab exercises that demand your active participation with your own computer in every lab. You are strongly recommended to acquire your own notebook computer from shops or second-hand market before the term start.
  • IT Workshops
    IT workshops are available to students. All workshops are ONE-OFF and FREE! Workshop topics include

    • Quick hands-on to Mac
    • 3D Printing
    • Home Wi-Fi Setup

    Quota is limited. Please view details HERE and secure your seat now!
  • CUHK Office 365 ProPlus
    With Office 365 Account, CUHK students can

    • Download Office 365 ProPlus (Office Applications) on max. 5 devices (PC, notebook & Mac) for free
    • Use Office 365 Exchange Online (Student Cloud E-mail Service) which will be launched in Oct 2014.

    Visit here for more details and benefits.